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Management Staff/Board of Directors



Jennifer Brunk:
Operations Manager
Board of Directors

Ruth Sill:
Uniform Coordinator

  Pam Wells:
President, HC singer

Joe Terpstra:
Rehearsal Mgr

Mihai Craioveanu: Vice Pres, Individual Fundraising Coordinator
Joel Dueck:
Music Librarian

Julie Anderson:

Steve Hook:
Stage Mgr

Sally Zenas:
Secretary, Ticket Manager, Mailing List Co-chair

Norma Ashby:
Volunteer Coordinator
Carol Bechtel:
Past President, Grand Night for Singing Chair, Accessibility Coordinator, HC Chair

Brian Carder: Goodwill Ambassador, Ad Sales Chair, HC Singer


Elizabeth Colburn:
Intern Coordinator, Grand Night for Singing Committee member


Que-Lan Engels:
Fall Fundraiser Chair, Development Committee Chair


Phil Konczyk:
Organizational Health Chair


Jean Lemmenes: Artistic Committee member, Strategic Planning Committee member, HC Singer


Pam Pierson:
Adventures in Harmony Coordinator, Grant Writing chair


Jennifer Ritsema:
Operations Committee chair, HC singer


Doug Wachter:
Advertising Chair


Carol Zeh:
Publicity Chair, Communications and Mktg Director, Fall Fundraiser Committee member, HC Singer