Painted Piano Project

ON TUESDAY OCTOBER 3 at THE ADVENTURES IN HARMONY SHOWCASE the Painted Piano was presented to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland. It will be moved to the northside location very soon and our hope is that the youth of the area will enjoy it and gain a lifetime love of music!

We are so thankful for all those who contributed to this project and it was so much fun to see you at the summer concert series!

For more information call 616-494-0265 or email

The purpose of the Painted Piano Project is threefold: 1.) To bring music to inspire the public through means of a public performance while also allowing the Holland community access to the instrument; 2.) To create collaboration between the visual and performing arts; and 3.) To provide a Holland Community organization with a quality instrument while fostering new relationships.   Area artist Joel Schoon Tanis has painted a baby grand piano that will be given to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holland. The project aims to spark impromptu music-making and connections that will create spontaneous moments of joy and community, and bring people together.  Before the dedication of the piano, the Holland community will have access to play this piano, and the Holland Chorale and other area musicians will use the piano in performances. The piano is currently housed in the Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts on Hope College’s campus for all to see.